More than 30 years of research has proven that
children do better when their parents are involved
both at home and at school:
  • Higher Grades:
    Kids whose parents are involved intheir education
    get better grades and have higher test scores.
    And,the more parents are involved, the more
    their children seem to benefit.
  • Better Behavior:
    Kids develop better social skills and show improved behavior
    when their parents are involved. Kids are also less likely to skip school,
    are less disruptive in class, and are more likely to do their homework.
  • Improved Education
     Research shows that parent involvement can help improve the quality of schools,
     raise teacher morale, and improve a school's reputation in the community.
     Involved parents gain the respect of teachers; as a result, teachers have higher
     expectations of children. And, children stay in school longer and are more likely to
    continue their education after high school.
Parents benefit too:
  • Being involved is a great way to become familiar with the teachers and the school. 
  • It also allows you to stay "tuned in" to what your child is doing at school every day.
  • Joining the PTA allows you to have some influence over how fundraising dollars 
  • are spent to benefit the school.
  • It also connects you to a community of parents, who like you, are committed to you 
  • children's well-being and to improving school performance