Community Involvement- Does your student involve themselves in the community in a positive way? This could be volunteering somewhere or an act of kindness. Stepping outside of the school is someway to involve themselves in their community. When schools, parents, and communities partner together, great things can happen in the lives of children. Tell us about what your student has done to be involved in their community. We would love to hear about it! Send: unioncrepta@gmail.com an email with a brief description of what they have done & a photo so we can share with others.

JOG-A-THON- Earn when you fundraise at least $25.00 for our annual JOG-A-THON

Red Ribbon Week- Each students receives one for participating in Red Ribbon Week.

Honor Choir- For those who participate in honor choir.

Safety Patrol- Students who are part of safety patrol

United Way- Sold during United Way Fundraiser

KCRE Crew- Students who are a part of KCRE

Student Council- Students who are involved in student council

CarnivalReceive one when you attend carnival

Reflections- Receive one when you participate in Reflections Program

Box Tops- Bring in 250 Box Tops

Student of the Month- Receive when you are student of the Month

Attendance- Have 9 weeks of no absences

No Tardies- Have no tardies

Yahoo-Get- Get your name drawn from receiving a YAHOO!

Character Counts- Receive when you have displayed one of the 6 pillars of character.







Note- Lost or stolen tags will not be replaced by the PTA or school if parent chooses to pay for a replacement set please contact:  unioncrepta@gmail.com